This CLASS is designed for writers, directors, producers or actors who want to learn how to better pitch their projects. Your project can be a feature, documentary, tv show or web series.

In this class I’ll be teaching you my COLD OPEN method of pitching which will help you perfect your pitch in 90 seconds or less, so that your pitch turns into a natural and organic conversation.


• The SIX elements of a COLD OPEN and why it’s important

• The goals of a COLD OPEN and what it accomplishes

• How to make your pitch sound like a conversation and not a “hard sell”

• Get the person you’re pitching to EXCITED about your project and wanting to KNOW MORE

• The difference between a logline and a COLD OPEN

• How to read facial reactions and body language

• And most importantly, KNOW WHEN TO STOP TALKING!

•  How to proceed once you’ve delivered your COLD OPEN

• You’ll even get a chance to PITCH YOUR PROJECT!

• And much more!



Here’s what past attendees have said about our pitch classes and workshops:

“Dawn is one of those rare talents that can spot a problem and the solution at the same time. Her feedback helped me crystallize my story better than I could myself. What she teaches isn’t a shortcut to success, it’s a process that helps your pitching become more confident, conversational, and relaxed.”

“I learned sooooo much. I honestly think that two of my projects will be stronger because of what I learned today!”

“My favorite thing about the workshop was the analyzing and critiquing of the pitches. Extremely helpful and educational.”

“I loved being able to practice my pitch over and over and get constructive feedback that helped me dramatically improve my pitch.”

“What I liked the most was the hands on, practical advice.”

“I really loved the role play pitches. I found it really helpful and insightful to be on the other side of the table as the one being pitched to!”

“I loved how open and free the environment was for collaboration.”


About the Instructor:

Dawn Fields is an award-winning filmmaker with over twenty years of production experience and has worked for such companies as Lucas Film, Bret Ratner’s Rat Productions, Twentieth Century Fox, TriStar, ABC and NBC Universal.

She has a background in development, acquisitions, crowdfunding, social media, independent distribution and has produced and directed seven short films over the course of two years. She has raised over $100K for her films exclusively through crowdfunding and is the president of Palm Street Films, a Los Angeles based production company.